A global career

HEINEKEN’s world is an exciting place to be. And it’s yours to explore, with our International Graduate Programme.

For high-achieving graduates, it’s a chance to push yourself, discovering new levels of ability and aspiration. With three challenging placements in different locations around the globe, you’ll work with leading brands and learn from the best in one of the world’s most respected organisations. It’s an experience like no other, but it’s also a platform for more. Your foundation for a career in leadership.

In short, it’s an exceptional programme. So we need exceptional people. There is no room for the halfhearted. Instead, we need flexible, self-sufficient and, above all, outgoing graduates.

We have high expectations for you to meet. And huge opportunities for you to take.

All about HEINEKEN

Heineken® itself was first brewed in Amsterdam in 1864. Today, our flagship brand is available in 178 countries around the world. But Heineken® beer is just one brand among hundreds.

Around the world, we own, market and sell more than 250 international, regional, local, and speciality beers and ciders. We are the number one brewer in Europe and the number three brewer by volume in the world, but we’re not just big – we’re a truly global enterprise.

From our network of over 70 offices and operations centres, we have more than 85,000 people working with us. Within our senior leadership team, you’ll find more than 60 different nationalities. And our business is still growing – reaching out into emerging markets and creating new opportunities every day.

Our competitive advantage is not rooted in brewing traditions, famous brands or the best ingredients. It’s our people that set us apart. For them – and for you – acting globally means thinking big and working together. Across borders, boundaries and brands, we work to harness the power of our geographical diversity.

What it offers

In a word: development. Of course, it’s a varied process with each placement offering contrasting learning experiences, challenges and rewards, but the overall aim for the programme is to bring out the best of you. That means growing skills and discovering new abilities, while providing the foundation that you can build on as your career progresses.

Throughout the programme, we take a 70:20:10 learning philosophy to your development: 70% On-the-job experiences, 20% Relationships and feedback and 10% Formal training.

On-the-job experiences are provided through your three six-month placements. Each will be designed to give you a fresh perspective on your business area, with a different assignment giving you a chance to experience a range of responsibilities and functions. Every six months, you’ll have to establish yourself – not just in a new country, but also in a new team and new job. The end result should be an unrivalled overview of your business area – and an excellent foundation for a leading role.

Relationships and feedback are created with a Senior Manager acting as your mentor. They play a crucial role in your continued development, as they provide continuity throughout the programme, not to mention invaluable advice and support. You will also be paired with a fellow graduate, so that you can support each other as peer coaches.

You’ll have Formal training at the outset of the programme, with a threeday intensive Induction Programme at our headquarters in Amsterdam. You’ll return to Amsterdam for another two face-to-face workshops during the programme.

What the programme involves

The programme is made up of three separate assignments, each of which puts you in a different country for 6 months. Where these are and what they involve will depend on which of the seven business areas you join.

But whatever the business area, your placements will be chosen to give you an in-depth understanding of its functions and responsibilities – as well as the kind of skills and abilities we expect from our leaders of tomorrow.

The seven key business areas are:

  • Commerce
  • Corporate Relations
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • IT
  • Supply Chain
  • Procurement

All about you

This is a programme designed to create international careers. So it’s fundamental that you’re prepared to be placed anywhere around the world. First and foremost, that means you need to be able to speak at least three languages in business fluency (including English). But it also means you should be interested in other countries and cultures – and ready to delve in and enjoy the experience.

It’s also vital that you have:

  • A degree, or that you will graduate before the coming September – preferably a Masters.
  • If applying for Supply Chain, your degree needs to be in science, technology, or engineering.
  • If applying for Procurement, your degree needs to be in business or in a financial, commercial, economic, or technical discipline.
  • No more than 2 years of professional work experience in your chosen function (voluntary and internships do not count).
  • Spent at least 6 months working, studying, or volunteering outside your home country.
  • Proven leadership skills.
  • An affinity with your chosen specialisation.
  • Drive and desire to succeed.
  • A drivers’ license (for Commerce applicants).

How it starts

Put simply, it starts with you.
You can start the application process online, at

The application process for the 'International Graduate Programme - September 2019' will open on the 7th of November 2018. Please, see the selection process timeline below:

  • 7th of November 2018 – 10th of February 2019
    Send in your application with your resume and show us what you are made of.
  • 11th of February 2019 – 20th of February 2019
    Be invited to the Take Off. In addition to completing various online assessments, you will learn more about the HEINEKEN story, discover our unique culture and hear from International Graduates about their adventures!
  • 11th of March 2019 – 29th of March 2019
    Meet some of our great employees in a digital face-to-face interview.
  • 6th of May 2019 – 17th of May 2019
    Be invited to our Assessment Centre at the home of HEINEKEN, Amsterdam.